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A Blakely Webinar:


Big Growth. Big Opportunity:

20 Questions for Fundraising in 2023


Date: December 7, 2022
Time: 12:00PM - 1:30PM EST

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Join Blakely for this engaging share of our latest research in both Canada and the US. Using amalgamated results, affinity research trends and new market research on donor attitudes we will answer some of the most urgent questions for 2023.


You'll learn

  • What are the key drivers of online giving now?
  • How important is integration?
  • What donor needs are driving renewal and upgrades?
  • How to build an experience that will drive lifetime value
  • Where are the opportunities for medium and long-term growth strategies?

This share will be more than just numbers. It will be a combination of dynamic narrative and practical application of the trends. It will help you prioritize your own strategies and unpick some of the key challenges and best opportunities for growth in the year to come.


Kimberley Blease

Kimberley Blease

EVP, Blakely

Rachel Hunnybun

Rachel Hunnybun

Director, Strategic Solutions, Blakely

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