Join us throughout 2024 for a new webinar series that covers everything from our latest research paper, to actionable insights and strategies to advance your fundraising, and even getting back to the basics with Fundraising 101, there’s something for everyone.

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Sessions and Speakers

Beyond Open Rates: The 101 of Email Marketing 
Tuesday February 6th 12:00EST

Emails have the incredible ability to captivate and inspire generosity - are you fully utilizing every opportunity to create a remarkable email journey for your valued donors?  
In this enlightening session, we will highlight essential components to be considered within your own email strategy to optimize and fortify your connections with donors. Discover how email optimization can elevate your overall donor experience and enhance your communication efforts.  
Key takeaways include: gaining a deep understanding of the crucial elements of email marketing and their impact on creating a more rewarding donor experience. Additionally, uncover insights that will empower you to build a compelling business case for enhancing your email strategy and optimization.

Maximizing Impact: A Closer Look at What Integration Means Now
Tuesday February 20th 12:00EST

We know integration is a powerful tool to drive renewals and boost engagement. As the landscape of integration evolves, so do our thoughts on how to approach it.

Join us to explore the latest trends shaping integration in 2024 and witness how an audience-focused strategy is transforming the why and how of integration.

Gain insights into the myriad of opportunities available to connect with donors on a deeper level, the importance of seamless collaboration across channels to inspire and reach donors, and how impactful content can supercharge your integration efforts.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to evolve your own thinking about integration!

From Everyday to Elevated: Crafting Content that Connects with Donors
Tuesday March 5th 12:00EST

Our latest research shows that well-informed donors are more likely to stay engaged and have a higher lifetime value. However, are your communications effectively hitting the mark? The time and effort we put into developing content is only worthwhile if people are not only reading it but also absorbing the messages we intend to convey. 

In this session, we will explore the essential factors to optimize your content and provide valuable insights on key messages, formats, and ideas that will help you break through the noise and create impactful stewardship and compelling cases for support that donors will truly take notice of. 

Join us for practical ideas, key principles to guide content creation, and avoid common pitfalls.  

Acquiring, Building and Converting in a Digital Era 

Tuesday March 19th 12:00EST

Over the past few years, donor acquisition in the charitable sector has undergone a dramatic transformation. The pandemic, along with the rapid shift to digital platforms and access to diverse audiences, has compelled us to revolutionize our approach. Join us as we explore the exciting world of acquisition and lead generation, highlighted by a compelling case study from Diabetes Canada. Uncover invaluable insights and actionable strategies that will elevate your fundraising efforts in this dynamic digital age. 

Key Takeaways: 

Innovative approaches to acquiring donors in the current market 

Effective techniques for optimizing email lead generation and conversion 

The indispensable mindset of adaptability and innovation required to engage and inspire action from today's audiences.